Saturday, June 14, 2008


To keep going day after day in the face of what seem to be insurmountable odds is to persevere. Despite the best efforts of circumstances we keep going moving forward, ever mindful that despite what we face today, tomorrow's another day. The bible tells us that joy comes in the morning. One cannot continue to experience the dark night of the soul and greet the morning's joy. To co-opt a very popular ad campaign, life comes at you fast and so it behooves us to be vigilant. As you open your eyes and survey the world and realize that it wasn't a dream, know this, you will persevere. Despite the losses and the anguish you will survive and you will thrive. Be of good courage and take heart, you are not alone. There is someone somewhere who knows how you feel and they have overcome. Take heart that someone, somewhere has walked in your shoes. Be victorious and persevere.


Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Hey, just discovered your blog. Added to my blog list to see your updates. Like this article - encouraging.

Demetria said...

Thank you Vanessa!!