Saturday, June 14, 2008


To keep going day after day in the face of what seem to be insurmountable odds is to persevere. Despite the best efforts of circumstances we keep going moving forward, ever mindful that despite what we face today, tomorrow's another day. The bible tells us that joy comes in the morning. One cannot continue to experience the dark night of the soul and greet the morning's joy. To co-opt a very popular ad campaign, life comes at you fast and so it behooves us to be vigilant. As you open your eyes and survey the world and realize that it wasn't a dream, know this, you will persevere. Despite the losses and the anguish you will survive and you will thrive. Be of good courage and take heart, you are not alone. There is someone somewhere who knows how you feel and they have overcome. Take heart that someone, somewhere has walked in your shoes. Be victorious and persevere.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Persistence is the act of persisting. Persist is another way of saying don't give up. A friend sent me an inspirational story. Rather than try to remember it, I will simply reprint it here.

Giving Up Too Soon(Author Unknown)
A man meets a guru in the road. The
man asks the guru, "which way is success?"
The berobed, bearded sage speaks
not but points to a place off in the distance.
The man, thrilled by the
prospect of quick and easy success, rushes off in the appropriate direction.
Suddenly, there comes a loud "SPLAT."
Eventually, the man limps back,
tattered and stunned, assuming he must have misinterpreted the message. He
repeats his question to the guru, who again points silently in the same
The man obediently walks off once more. This time the splat is
deafening, and when the man crawls back, he is bloody, broken, tattered, and
"I asked you which way is success," he screams at the guru. "I
followed the direction you indicated, and all I got was splatted! No more of
this pointing! Talk!"
Only then does the guru speak, and what he says is
this: "Success IS that way. Just a little PAST splat.

It is tempting to just give up when the knocks get to be too much. However, Usually the blessing is just beyond the pain.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Believe in the Other Side

I recently wrote an article about a situation I went through and some people remarked on it. It got me thinking about trials and tribulations. Even to the most positive among us, things happen. The difference is how we get through it. Perseverence and perspective are two things that will serve you well no matter who you are. If you are dealing with something right now then you have no perspective. So let me encourage you. If you have stumbled on this page and trust me it's no accident if you have. Stop right where you are, whatever you're doing. If you're preparing to yell, curse, pop a cigarette in your mouth, take a sip of coffee or wine or even scotch, or maybe just bawl your eyes out. It could be a million other things. Whatever it is. Stop...... Take a long slow breath. Think about what's going on. Whatever it is. Perhaps the wolf or the barbarians are at the door. Maybe everyone is going to know. You will live through this. Let me repeat myself. You will live through this. You will be stronger and wiser and in time forgiven. Just hold on. I believe the fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much. Even if you aren't feeling particularly righteous, ask God to renew your mind. I mean ask him right now. Lord renew my mind. If you can't say anything but LOrd. Say it with your whole heart. If you aren't a particularly religious person and you're going through a lot of crap, perhaps now would be a good time to give the big man a chance. If you are not so inclined, then still believe help is nearby. You don't have to believe in him for him to believe in you. What ever the problem is, you will survive. You may be five or 95. If you're old enough to read this, you are going to be okay. Don't give up. Keep the faith and believe that you are coming out on the other side.