Sunday, October 29, 2006

Equal education

Hi all,
I haven't really had time to get over here and I haven't really had a lot to say but recently something has been niggling at the back of my mind. Actually it's just a question I have. The American ecucational system and it's inequalities. I understand that the haves always have more and the world appreciates a boot strapper and concessions and scholarships are available to allow the less fortunate entree into the upper echelons of high societym but why did these things need to be put in place. I believe it is in part to cover over the glaring lack of preparation and curriculum shortfalls in some of our country's most unfortunate school districts. Families who can hitch their dreams to a star in the guise of suburbia with it;s better schools and availability of services but for those left behind in our nations slums the suffering continues. Children can learn. When babies burst forth from the womb into the world, they for the most part start life on equal mental footing. Taking for granted the geniuses, prodigies and gifted few. However most of us start out with the capabilities of learning. The only differences for most is where you are born. The penalty for being born into poverty is steep. Inadequate curriculum preparation, lack of programs that foster creativity in young minds, outdated and inaccurate textbooks. Children deserve to start out on equal footing, regardless of where their zipcodes are. In some ways the poor and downtrodden masses have lowered their expectations of themselves in response to the larger societies lack of expectation. Preparation is the key. In financially viable sectors children are prepared from day one to embrace their birthright and their innate greatness. In more financially desolate sectors, children are counted out before they are even given a chance.