Saturday, August 19, 2006

On Becoming

In recent months I've spent a significant amount of time going over my life in excruciating detail to determine how I went wrong. However, I determined that my assertion that I messed up is based on my assumption of what defines success and achievement. The realization that perhaps the path that I am on is configured differently than someone else's and maybe just maybe I'm not meant to live anyone's life but my own. Maybe I just am approaching life at a different pace or from a different angle. Perhaps these are just things I tell myself so I'll feel better. I'm not a attempting to make my inadequacies seem smaller than they actually are but I am attempting to embrace the whole package that is me. When things are not going the way that we think they should we tend to rake ourselves over the coals and never get the lesson that is in the pain. I'm not going to climb on the hokey bandwagon and regale you with tales of silver linings, but there is something to be said for downturns. Appreciation grows from overcoming.

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