Saturday, July 22, 2006


You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

Each of us believes that when we hear the truth that through some magical manifestation of neurons we will recognize it and know that it is the truth. With a cloud parting clarity the truth will break forth. Yet for most of us truth is subjective. Leaders in authority look into cameras and feed us a line of bullshit so incredibly earnest as to evoke thunderous applause and yet we know deep down that they are simply playing us. Husbands fresh from the crotches of nubile young nymphs arrive home in a cloud of essence o' pussy and somehow convince their wives that they are to blame for the clump of pubic hair causing the frog in his throat. Our children convince with charming toothpaste grins that we should not worry about their time on the internet and when they go missing we lie to ourselves that our children are different, above the fray. Somehow they've gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. Talking heads from inside our televisons lie to us incessantly. Buy our furniture, skin cream, clothes, weight loss gizmo, skin lightener, skin darkener, penis lengthener, hardener, vaginal tightener, orgasmatron, whatever and you will be happy. Insidiously happy news people tell us of one horror stacked atop another and yet we lie to ourselves that "everyone's alright really". Our mask of Christopher Robinesque innocence safely in place. Red politicians lie to red voters and say our way is best. Blue politicians lie to blue voters and say our way is best . One has only to cast a glance out of the window to see that no one primary color has the answers. What we need are purple politicians telling the people, "hey we're just as screwed up and scared as you are and we think we got the answers but we really won't know until everything shakes out." Educators in poor school districts encourage their underaeducated parents and teachers to continue to send their children into a system that is designed to make the vast majority of them failures. A system that says to them subpar is better than nothing. Based on your socioeconomic background and inadequate social skills you should be happy that we give you substandard text books with antiquated information and send you into a higher education system that you are ill prepared for. Rappers from the right or wrong side of the tracks lie to our children and convince them that there's no future in working for a living, get you some gold grillz, some six pack abs and some young women willing to get naked on the off chance that they might get an illegitimate child for a baller and your road to success if paved. And watch out now because I'll be damned if it ain't. Violence runs rampant and experts lie and say it's not what you see on TV or hear on the radio or imbibe from the internet that's to blame. That's a blatant lie. Our children's brain networks and neural pathways have barely formed and yet they are exposed to the seedy and the seamiest the world has to offer. Can we possibly be so foolish to believe that it doesn't have an effect on them. Come on now. Even Ray Charles can see that is some foolishness. Chalk this up as the off the cuff ramblings of someone who should have been in bed hours ago or find the grain of truth amidst the lies that we are told and the ones we tell ourselves.

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