Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Jolie-Pitt Clan

Sure for my first post, I could have chosen a hard hitting Kevin Sitesian topic that would provoke thought from here to Peoria but it is 1:57 AM and anybody with sense has been asleep for at least three hours. Up at this hour, the mind has a tendency to wander. So as my my mind is wandering, I got to thinking and partaking in one of my guilty pleasures; People on-line.

So I get to see the gorgeous Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. For a woman who just had a kid Angelina Jolie looks fabulous. Not washed out or drug out. I guess if I'd had a baby with Brad Pitt, I'd make it a point to be looking good. Of course this got me to thinking more. Say about the Brad Pitt - Jennifer Aniston breakup. Yeah, because I know somewhere they are sitting around wondering about me. (As if) I know I'm weighing in late but hey it's my late night blog. So as I was saying. You'll find that I am tangentially challenged. If there's a tangent to be gone off on, I'll go off on it. Hey but I always come back. So as I was saying, how could Brad Pitt not fall in love with Angelina Jolie. For my money, her body's not that great, but hey I'm not a white guy. But her face, my word but she's beautiful. If that was all she brought to the table she'd still be pretty formidable, but add to that she's a cultural dynamo.

She cares about people. I mean she cares about people that many of us don't give two thoughts about on any given day. That's impressive. I mean how could Jennifer compete with that. For all of you who don't think it's a competition. Whatever. She's already rich so she certainly doesn't have to be fannying about through the third world, so obviously she does it because it's her passion. You gotta respect that. I'm not saying that Jennifer isn't a giver, so don't everyone who loves Jennifer get your knickers all wadded up. I'm just waxing about Angelina and Brad.

Brad, there's a guy to love. Getting past the fact that he broke Jennifer's heart. Getting past the fact that he is hot as FYAHHHH!!! You gotta love a guy who embraces your passion like he does Angelina's. The fact that he's hot as a pancake griddle don't hurt.

Well I'm running out of steam so I will leave you with the dulcet strains of Brad Pitt sizzling. Hope to be back soon.

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